Ghosts Of The Galleries Of Justice - 20th May

Posted by Atticus on Sunday, May 15, 2011

On the 20th May. RiPA will open their doors to invite you lucky people to join us on an evening of Crime and Punishment.

The Galleries are a prime location for RiPA and nearly every Paranormal group, amateur or tour, have claimed to come away with irrefutable evidence.

Truth be told, RiPA are yet to see any of this 'proof' but if the claims keep coming, there must be something there right?

RiPA aims to find out if the tortured souls of the Galleries really do walk the haunted corridors or if it is nothing more than just your own psychology playing tricks on you.

With a history dating back hundreds of years complete with tales of woe and misery. Is it any wonder that the Galleries of Justice has earned a reputation as quite possibly the most haunted place in the UK?

So RiPA, what do you expect to encounter on the night?
Well, we really have no idea. If, going by reports from past visitors, paranormal activity is rife, we can expect to be audience to a wide range of phenomena.

From shadowy forms moving in the main courtroom to the ghosts of the condemned that were once hanged in the noose in the execut exercise yard!!

RiPA await a return to this marvellous piece of architectural history to see if it really does live up to its reputation.

RiPA are glad to announce that this time, we are opening our doors to ask you to join us on this night. Let me iterate though that if you are expecting a 'Most Haunted' performance, look elsewhere.

We have no need to play up to such low standard as the 'Most Haunted' team. After a brief introduction about RiPA and the night ahead, whatever happens, happens. We do not 'set-up' and we certainly do not embellish the haunts.

Yes, it is true that nothing may happen, but considering the amount of visitors that have come away from the Galleries of Justice claiming to have experienced some type of phenomena, we may, just may be in luck.

So what can you expect on the night? Well, RiPA will be guiding guests like you througout the night.
You will take part in many different experiments, conventional and unorthodox. We will have classic victorian 'Ghost Hunting' tools for you to use and you may evn take part in an old themed mock trial.
If you are the chosen one would you be found innocent or guilty?
Will you get a slap on the wrist or will you hear the fateful 'Send 'em down' cry from the proceeding judge?

Whatever happens you can guarantee an interesting and memorable event.

Tour companies offer stays at the Galleries of Justice at a price in excess of £65. A very high price indeed. However, your friendly RiPA's are offering this at the cheapest cost of only £25!!
This is the cheapest an event like this at the Galleries has ever been offered and probably ever will be so dont miss this chance.

To find out more about the galleries and its hauntings, visit our Galleries page at:

It is a bit late to book your place by paying online now, so instead, drop RiPA an email at: and we will take payment of £25 on the night.

As RiPA are a friendly bunch (
once you get to know us
) We are proud to announce that RiPA Forum members will get a discount of £5 for this location.

All you need to do to qualify for this discount is sign up to the RiPA forums by clicking this link and make a minimum of 10 full worthy posts.
Discount will be returned on the night.

Until next time folks, Do sleep well.....