Final Festivities of 2010

Posted by Atticus on Monday, December 13, 2010
So its all over.... 2010 that is!
We hope that you have all completed your xmas chores?

As followers of will you'll know that 'Dickens - A'Live Seance II' has been and gone.
Was it more successful than Dickens I?
I'll cover that a bit later.

First off let me give out some acknowledgements.
Mike Rutter who was our seance host medium on the night did an excellent job.
I have been doing this along time and have dealt with hundreds of people who claim to have had some sort of 'psychic' gift. Mike, I must admit, gave a very impressive performance. Even more so as this was his first public seance.

Another thanks goes out to David and Maggie for their huge assistance in holding this event at their pub, The Two Brewers. Without them, this would not have happened.

Also a huge blow-jobbing thanks to Chris Richards. An unexpected but welcome appearance from MK's famous Mentalist Magician... or should that be mental magician? Book this guy for your events by clicking the following link --->
Chris Richards

And lastly, thanks to the Audience, the people who sat at the table and of course all the RiPA's.

So, what happened? After the theatrical section of the night in which an audience member had turned from Skeptic to believer, a non-believer in telepathy converted to a believer and several other mind blowing demonstrations of various 'impossible' feats, the stage was set for the Seance.

Attendee's took their seats at the table and Mike, the host medium, got ready for the upcoming happenings.
The first section in which the sitters held hands and Mike channeled started off a bit slow. But things soon picked up when he claimed to make contact with a 'Rosemary'. This 'Rosemary' was connected with another 'spirit' named 'Alice'. Now Alice was connected to a sitter. 'Alice' had tried to come through but for whatever reason couldnt. Maybe the psychic hotline was engaged. 'Alice' used Rosemary to convey messages to the relevant sitter. These messages were quite close to the sitters heart so I am not at liberty to make these publicly known. 
But I can state that the words that came through were understandable by the sitter.
'Alice' and 'Rosemary' then moved on.

Round two was a little bit more interesting. The host was to do a bit of glass divination. Now long term followers of RiPA will understand our feelings about such claims but this was Mikes show and our guests were willing to undertake such an experiment. And we're glad they did.

As always with these things, the experiment started off fairly slow. Several fingers were placed on the upturned glass. Let me just add here that a warning was given prior to the glass act that it was easilt faked and can be manipulated easily. I assured everyone to try and remain in control of their fingers and we have put faith in to them that none shall knowingly move the glass. 
The alphabet and numbers were situated around the perimeter of the table and we were set to go. 
The glass was moving, all eyes were on Mike. Was Mike moving the glass? It was a perfectly acceptable explanation untill he moved his fingers off of the glass completely. 
The sitters had said that they have never done this before but still the glass moved.

To start the letters and numbers were gobbledegook. But then the glass seemed to slide to the letters 'T' & 'U'. Mike translated this as the term 'To You'. Of course, this doesnt help much when you have mutiple people to choose from. Mike was asked to make this apparent spirit being come through more physically by moving something or interacting with the real world. He did this, and as he asked the TV set in the room turned on.

Now let me make this a bit clearer. The TV was NOT on stand-by and there was no remote. In order to turn the set on, it required a solid hard push on the power button! It was a strange instance indeed. 
This along with some cliched light flickering, made for an interesting experience for our first time host.

One more thing i'll add during the last minutes of the Seance was that another spirit was contacted who was later revealed to be a member of one of our sitters family. In brief, an 8 year old boy by the name of Pat came through. Now Pat claimed to have died from an illness. He came through to let the sitter in question know he was there. There was one or two other things mentioned but I will not diclose them just yet.
The sitter said this fits with her mothers twin who died at a young age. She has now gone to look into that more. Will she come back with confirmation? We will let you know as soon as we do.

So what next? oh yeah. RiPA's final investigation of 2010 happens on Friday 17th December. This place has a real interesting history and many claims of ghostly activity.
As this is the years final we have decided to invite you guys along. So if this is something you would be interested in then drop us a line and we'll fill you in with the deets.

In the meantime, stay safe and go easy on those mince pies!