February: The Month Where RiPA Get Close To The Dead

Posted by Atticus on Sunday, February 6, 2011
Ok, Ok, Ok, I know it has been a while since the last update but RiPA HQ has been very VERY busy.
We have many things lined up for 2011 and alot of these look like they will come to fruition real soon.

So,lets recap. The last time I spoke to you people RiPA were getting ready to visit Harwich Redoubt Fort in, ummm, Harwich. This place is fast becoming very popular among the circles of the paranormal so it seemed only right that RiPA pop along to find out what all the fuss was about?

Did anything happen? hmmmm. Before I go on let me just add that it is claimed that every group that has been there has had something happen that they cant explain. These include successful table tipping sessions, catching anomalies on film and full possessions! One group even claimed to find a vortex where the energies and spirit comes through. Luckily though, the vortex was disguised as a damp spot on the ground. Clever little things these vortex's.

Anyway, for the lowdown on this place, take a look at our new updated
Locationssection. There will be an honest report on there real soon. If its not on there at the moment then keep checking. It will come.

Right onto other things now. Big news for RiPA. We have been invited to take part in a RiPA only study by a London Borough Council. OOOOO BIG WOW I hear you say. Well actually it is.
The place in question needs to remain unamed for obvious reasons but it should prove most interesting.
This will be a long term study project on 'How The Brain Percieves Paranormal Phenomena'.
In order for this to work out, RiPA are going to get as close to death and dead bodies as you could possibly get without dying.

In theory, the hypothesis shows that there should be at least 3 types of phenomena happen. These should be caused by certain visual stimulation.

We will also be asking Psychics, Psychometrists, Believers & Skeptics to join us on this.

This account is fairly complex to explain as im really not allowed to say too much. But we will be updating you as and when we can.

In the meantime, take a look around the site,
sign up to our forumswhich, may I add, has undergone a few tweaks and let yourself be known. RiPA give Forum members first refusal on paranormal events so its well worth doing.

If you want to see RiPA in action or pop along to our meets in Milton Keynes then please get in touch.
Drop us a line at
Til' next time folks.

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