Facebook, Psychics and Police and Is Your Ghost Photo. 'App-ed'?

Posted by RiPA Rep on Sunday, February 9, 2014
Another huge apology for the delay in updating this site. It seems that in this day and age Facebook is where it is all at.
Long ago we had a forum on which many interesting discussions, debates and talking points took place. Ghost pictures were shared. True ghost stories were told and paranormal investigations from various groups, not just in Milton Keynes were submitted to us for review. But then came along  Facebook. In order to follow current trends, RiPA were forced to  ditch the forum and rely on social media instead. So if you are  looking for interesting topics, ghost picture analysis or submitted  paranormal videos, then pop by and add us by clicking here. ---> 
RiPA Facebook.

So what has been happening since we last dropped in. Well,  the  results from our nationwide study on Psychics and police are in.  We just need to finish collating the reports then we will post  them on here. So far out of 93 police authorities across the UK. Not ONE has said they rely on or hire psychics or mediums to help them with their enquiries.

RiPA decided to embark on this study due to being confronted by so many alleged psychics that they are the real deal as police call upon them to use their 'gift'.Unfortunately this is not looking the case. Maybe you know of a psychic near you who claims to help police. if so, let us know who they are and we will delve deeper. When the report goes live on here you will be able to check yourself..Again, sign up to our Facebook page for updates on this.

Also coming to the RiPA website is a database of images that are used on the most popular 'Ghost-Apps' for iPhone and Android. A lot of the pictures are generally the same image.and are shared across the apps. 
So if you get shown a ghost picture that a friend of a friend took, you'll be able to pop along to our ghost app page and see if the ghostly image in the photo is similar to one we have in our database. Hopefully this will help dispel the mammoth amount of faker images out there. Now, please don't see us as killjoys by doing this. The apps are great fun. But when the same 'ghost' keeps popping up in image after image then there has to be a line drawn. 

We also have many more things coming up this year mainly involving media so expect to see some changes coming.

Until next time folks.