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Posted by RiPA on Thursday, March 26, 2015
If you are familiar with our scribes on the RiPA Facebook page then you'll know how we feel about so-called psychics touting their trade on social media sites.

'Like and share this post for a chance to win a free online reading' is a title that often appears on their feed.

'£80 readings down to £25 for the first 5 people to comment' is another. And yes, these are genuine quips that come our way.

So what's so wrong with this? Surely it's just gifted people advertising their vocation and offering folks special offers?

To a point, yes, yes it is, but lets have a look at this in detail.
The most recent one to come across RiPA's attention was a post from a chap going by the name of 'Chris Riley Medium'. Lets take a look at a post he put up. 

As you can clearly see, he is offering a live psychic/spirit message. Ok, so he's offering a promotion for his alleged art. Fair enough I guess.
But here are the issues:First off he's put it on Facebook to his followers. All he needs to do is click a few profiles, have a quick skim read, see who has the most details about their life and bang, He can do a full reading.

However, to be fair, Chris goes one step further... Its not just you he wants to talk about , he says that you can have messages from a relative or... or folks, even your pet! That's right, Uncle Joe could come by and say hi or old Mr Biggles can come through and tell you where he buried your left slipper.

However, there is a catch. You have to upload a photo of the person/animal/teapot that you wish to hear from.
Ok, so far it all seems rather innocuous. Well, as far as a self-proclaimed psychic can do anyway. Nut guys and gals.... here is the kicker. Here is what made me write this blog on the guy.

Lets abandon our CTS and skeptical ways for a minute or two.
Lets say that what he claims he can do is true,
Lets say that he can communicate with loved ones that have crossed over and bring you a message from beyond the grave.

Then why oh why oh why do you have to state if the person/animal/teapot you wish to have a message from  is 'living' or 'passed'?

Surely this is your job Chris? Shouldn't you already know this?
If we send in a pic of ourselves and say we are dead does this confuse the 'spirit guides'? 

He goes on to say that the pic that wins will be the pic that he is more drawn to. Now skeptical me cant help but think that what he means is the pic that contains more visual clues will be the one chosen. 
He already has the details he needs (Facebook) He knows that the one who's going to communicate is dead.
He knows that this is practically foolproof.

Well played Chris, well played.

So folks, before you accept an online psychic reading, just bare in mind what the psychic asks from you prior to the reading for  it may not be Auntie Flo who he/she is getting messages from, but rather Mother Social Media.
If you have ever had an online reading from someone like Chris the we would love to hear from you.

'Til next time.

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