Everybody Loves / Hates Chris.........

Posted by Atticus on Thursday, March 18, 2010
.....Who I hear you ask? 'Chris Conway' I answer.
You reply back,'Who is Chris Conway and why the sudden interest?'  I say 'Sit back and let me tell you a story'.

Chris Conway joined the UK entertainment show 'Most Haunted' for the shows 13th series.
12 series too many if you ask me!

It appears that he is the lastest in a long line of mediums and researchers to leave the show under mysterious circumstances.

Some say he walked out, others say his contract ended and would not be renewed. Where does RiPA stand on all this?
We dont.

Ok, so RiPA and the Antix / MH guys aint exactly on each others Xmas card lists for various reasons..... to name a couple, MH like to steal show formats, they damage the parapsychology field for true researchers, they cause properties that may be genuinely hauted to bump up their admission / rental fees... etc.. but RiPA remains unjudgemental in this affair untill we know more.

RiPA have called upon Chris Conway, Fred Batt & the Antix crew to give their point of view across, but to date, none have responded. Im sure all this will be forgotten in time but it adds to the continuing black marks against the Most Haunted brand.

For now though, Chris Conway, if you ever get bored then get in touch with RiPA for the project we are conducting o mediumship. If all goes well and the results you give are accurate, then you can give Most Hauted the bird as they weep because they just lost what could've been the best addition to the team. Let me just add, RiPA does NOT count Ciaran O'Keefe as a Most Haunted team member.
If you want to know more about this story,
you can visit the RiPA article on Chris Conway here.

Maybe you are an avid Most Haunted fan and think the sun shines out of Karl Beattie and Yvette Fielding's backside? if so, let your thoughts on this story be known on the RiPA forums.

'Hey RiPA, How did the bunker go?' - Good question.... It was certainly an interesting place and interesting events did take place. As for concrete evidence of the '..lonely airman...' or the '...ghosts of people sitting on chairs in the cinema...', it just didnt happen.

However, There was something rather peculier caught on film. Now at a recent RiPA meet, a.lot of debate was thrown across the room as to whether it was ghostly or just something as natural as a shadow. By the end of the meet, it was still inconclusive. The footage will be online ASAP.
Whether paranormal or not, it will still go on site for you guys and gals to question whether or not something paranormal, ghostly, or just plain strange put in an appearance. As for normal static photos, there was no spirit interested in poseing for us.

The RiPA Reciever had some rather interesting results though. The 'RR' started off as a mock 'Frank's Box' but RiPA find themselves using it more and more on various experiments. Not just on trying to capture the voices of discarnate souls but also to tell where there are changes in frequencies. We all know that certain frequencies can play tricks on the human mind, so what started as a mock up of a popular 'ghost hunting' gadget has actually turned out to be quite a welcome addition in the RiPA toolbox.

Only a quick update this week, but as always, keep your emails of haunted stories, experiences, locations, theories etc coming.

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And yes, we are still looking for new blood to join the RiPA ranks. so if you want to go beyond ghost hunting, live within a reasonable distance to Milton Keynes, can commit to a few hours on a Tuesday evening each week and would like to be part of an Academia recognised Parapsychology Research group, drop us a line by following this link. 
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For now, we will leave you with this video of 'Psychic' James Van Praagh failing miserably....

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