DICKENS - A'Live Seance - 03 December

Posted by Atticus on Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gee, this update is a bit overdue I know but we have been sooo busy here at RiPA HQ.

But before I get into recent happening within the RiPA realm, let me just recap on the HOUDINI - A'Live Seance event. The stage and setting was perfect. pictures of the night can be found here on our Facebook page.

The night was an intimate occasion and worked really well.
I just want to give a huge shout of thanks to all that attended and especially the audience members that were brave enough to sit at the table during the Seance itself.

Our Medium on the night, who goes under the name of "Savannah" held the table very well. There was another person at the sitting who started to feel as if Houdini was coming through via him.

He started speaking on behalf of Houdini and lasted quite awhile despite constant questioning.

Was it true? Did Houdini really come through?
Who is to say? The person in questions claim no rememberance of what was said. Is this a typical "Psychic" cop-out or is this just what happens?

Some of the info coming through via our sitter did not really collaborate with knowledge on Houdini. Our Houdini historian, the great Mick Hanzlik, could not relate to some of the stuff that was being put forward. Also, some of the terminology that the sitter was using would not be familier with Houdini in his time.

Does this mean that the sitter in question faked it? Who knows, all we can do is review the night and come to our own conclusions. There was however talk of a "BLUE BOOK" which "Houdini" claimed to hold all his secrets to the acts. This is in a hotel safe box. What is the name of the Hotel? He is not at liberty to reveal that!...

On to our next in the "A'Live Seance" project. As its nearing Christmas who better to have under the spotlight than Mr Dickens. Thats right, Charles Dickens - A'Live Seance will be held on Friday 3rd Decemeber at a most beautiful location in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes.

The Crown Public House is the place for Dickens to come through to us. This beautiful pub dates back to at least 1666 when it was used as a Crown Court. The evenings events will take place in the very room where judgements were made and lives hung in the fate of the judge. Anyhow, back to Dickens.
So, what does Stony Stratford have to do with the great Author? Well Dickens is said to of had quite a liking for Stony Stratford. In fact during one of his many visits he met a local dancing instructor, Joseph Hambling, whom he based Mr Turveydrop in Bleak House on!

Do we think he'll come through? We cannot say. Every Seance is different and who knows what is going to happen, what people will say or do and how the sitters will react?
Dickens was no stranger to the paranormal, although he loathed spiritualism, tales of ghosts had appeared in many of his works, such as The Pickwick Papers and he also had connections with the then "Ghost Club".

One thing to remember about the A'Live Seance's is that whatever happens happens. There will never be any trickery or pre-planning on the Seance. this makes every A'Live Seance something to look forward to.

Dickens - A'Live Seance will be held within a Victorian Christmas setting so the night will be filled with Christmas wonder, Dickensian style! As always there will be a guest speaker, Xmas magic and more will which is bound to make this night a great start to the festive season.

Tickets are a snip at £10 and are available NOW!
Just pop along to: 
Due to the size of the building, places are limited so register your interest now.

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