Derren Brown : The Events, Episode 2

Posted by Atticus on Friday, September 18, 2009

So it seems the consesus agree that the Lottery predictions were nothing more than a split screen effect. This explanation was put forward during the RiPA Chat.
RiPA could go one step further with a video to show how it was done but im sure there are enough video's on YouTubeby now to make it clear enough.

So on to episode 2 of Derren Brown's Event series.
In the second part of 'The Events', which will be screened Friday 18th September on UK's Ch4, Derren will be playing with your mind via subliminal messaging.

Ok, so sub-messages aint exactly a new thing but as with most things Derren does, its always worth a view to apply that much needed
'Critcal Thinking'skill. Something which any serious researcher within the paranormal needs to have.

Tonights show is said to show how the power of subliminal influence can be used to control people with a special piece of media in a nationwide experiment. This would be most interesting as RiPA are also working on a Social Experiment of influence but without the Subliminal effect. Updates on this project will be posted on RiPA's Social Experiment page soon so keep checking back.

Apparently, viewers at home will also experience the effect. This will be an interesting show.

As said before, the RiPA's will be hosting live chat session in the
RiPA Chatroomfrom 21:00 GMT on The Events so would be nice to see you there and to hear if the Subliminal Message affected you.

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