Derek Acorah Meets Michael Jackson....

Posted by Atticus on Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yep, thats right, and its to be aired on live on Sky. Psychic Derek Acorah is to attempt to make contact with late pop star Michael Jackson as part of two specially-commissioned shows for Sky 1.

Michael Jackson: The Live Séance and Michael Jackson: The Search for His Spirit will be produced for Sky and both hour-long specials will be presented by June Sarpong.

The aim of the séance will be to give Jackson’s fans a final chance to connect with him. Acorah will lead proceedings from a secret location familiar to, and previously inhabited by Jackson.

Preceding the main event, Michael Jackson: The Search for His Spirit, will take fans on a biographical journey of the entertainer, delving deeper into both his psyche and his inspirations. It will also preview some of the methods that will feature in the séance.

Ok. so all this sounds great and
wonderful, but hold on, heres a pause for thought moment;
How can Acorah be sure to contact the 'King of Pop'?
I could go on about how when you're channeling you cant really control who's gonna come through but this isnt the point im making.

What im wondering is how Acorah himself expects Jackson to be very willing to speak to him, despite not knowing him from Adam whilst he was alive?

Michael Jackson was unwilling to be interviewed by the most famous television personalities whilst alive and those that he did do were very few and far between.

I can imagine Acorah stating something like:
I am totally adament that he will provide me and Sam with a number of vague facts about himself from the public domain, before giving me some completely unverifiable opinions of his own, as well as having many messages for his fans and his family.”

So will Derek make contact? RiPA thinks of course he will, but will it be the actual Michael Jackson.... Thats were the RiPA doubt comes into it! Lets be honest here..... Derek doesnt exactly have the best track record, his main cock-ups being the
Kreed Kaferincident along with the Rik Eedles case.

Is this a desperate move by Acorah to try and rebuild his reputation by taking part in a high-calibre event?
Who knows, but what we do know is that plenty of people will watch it, and most of which will believe....
Unfortunately, RiPA will have to watch it too in order to analyse it afterwards.

What ever happens, no doubt it will be entertaining but it does seem to ring echos of when Craig and Jane Hamilton Parker tried to contact the spirit of Princess Diana. Apparently, a close friend of Diana's took part in the reading.
This was a seance but with the usual vague type messages, although in order to prove that it was 'for real', Jane slipped in some apparently unknown facts, to name but a few...

1) I quoted lines from a letter that I said that Elton John had written and was now in Sylvia's possession.

2) Similarly, I quoted from a letter from Barbara Cartland.

3) I gave Sylvia the typical greeting that Diana would say to her.

Below is a quote from Craig

There is usually a reason for a spirit to make a communication. The most important is to let the grieving know that they are safe in the new life and that the tragedy that struck them is no longer causing them pain. Unfortunately I was unable to communicate with Dodie although Diana wanted people to know that they are both safe in the new life. She said a message that I conveyed to Sylvia: "Dodie and I were deeply in love. But our love could never have found flowered as it should have done in the world. Only here, in the bliss of the Afterlife, can our love find it's fulfilment." I also gave Sylvia a few personal messages via Diana for Dodie's father. I hope that somehow they were received....'

Awww, aint that just sweet! Anyway, The Derek/Michael seance event will be screened some time in November '09.
Below is an extract from the Diana Seance:

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