Cogs In The Machine......

Posted by Atticus on Monday, February 27, 2012
Ok, so you have probably guessed what this rant is going to be about by the subtle picture to the left.

I have touched upon this subject many times before and feel its time to do it again.

There are literally hundreds of paranormal groups in the UK and tens of thousands world-wide. The majority of which are out to reach the same goals; to proove or disprove the existence of ghosts.

Some are simply out to PROVE that the afterlife exists, others base their foundation on helping people with troublesome spirits to de-haunt their homes. There is a constant rise in commercial groups/companies cashing in on 'Ghost Hunts'.

So where does RiPA fall in all this?
The answer is simple..... we dont!

RiPA is independent. RiPA is unique. RiPA explores all aspects of the paranormal and pseudoscience.
We dont have a flashy website. We dont have logo'd merchandise to offer. We dont have regular 'investigations' at the latest, greatest haunted places and we certainly dont have any claims to obtaining the best 'evidence'.

Now, all this may seem simple enough to understand..... but alas, it appears to be quite complicated for people who want to become part of RiPA. They come to RiPA expecting a thrill ride. A monthly agenda filled with ghost hunts. They look forward to sitting in a dark room calling out random questions into nothingness in the hope that an answer will resonate back. They get excited about going to grand old stately homes and castles. They cant wait to use the latest ghost gadget in the ghost hunters arsenal.......... This is NOT what they get.

So what do they get, what really happens behind the closed doors of RiPA?
Meetings and homework with the occasional field study thrown in. Thats what.

Doesnt sound much fun does it? It seems that from this point, you could understand why potential RiPA's fail to last or actually fit in as a RiPA. The main thing about RiPA and being a RiPA is that the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. For example, if you sit around moaning that there hasn't been a practical study for a while, then as a RiPA, you should take it on your initiative and go out and arrange one. If there is a scoop on a latest sighting, then gather the info and bring to the weekly meets. Think you got a good idea that could revolutionise the entire paranormal world?? Tell us, get a presentation ready and come forth.

The way not to be a RiPA is to sit around waiting for things to happen only to moan when nothing comes about.

I would love to say that behind closed doors RiPA is a well oiled machine that keeps chugging forward, but the truth is, as with any brand, there are hitches. Cogs will jam until fixed, spanners within the works will cause problems until they are removed. But despite all this we keep on rollin'.

The above incidents can be fixed without much hassle. However, what takes a little bit more time to sort out with a whole lotta hassle is 'dead-wood', people you thought were supportive of your work but slag you down as soon as your back is turned although they do little to assist. Most brands will have at least one lump of 'dead-wood'. The larger the brand, the more they'll have.

I know a few teams that have this currently going on. One of which has called upon me to help them out which is basically the inspiration of this post. It is a shame because this fella hooked up with us before we became RiPA and has been building his brand up through a lot of quagmyre, but still he has the drive to continue. If you are going to make life hard for the organisation you are part of then just leave instead, its a whole lot easier for all involved. 
I guess people see the paranormal field and being part of a 'club' as no big deal.
They dont get paid for it so why should they exert themselves?. Its not like a proper job after all.

That is true, its not a proper job.... but it could be. If you help out the team you are in, not just paranormal-wise, but anything 'group' orientated, be it a band, a dance troupe, mothers coffee morning etc, if you assist the 'founder' then you will help to move things forward, be part of something potentially beautiful, be PART of that team, not APART from the team. (
see what I did there?....) 

Til next time folks...