Busy Times....

Posted by Atticus on Friday, October 9, 2009
Ok ok its been a while since the last update but this is because I have been busy busy on various projects with the University departments that RiPA are collaborating with. But more on that later. So the final Derren Brown - The Events has been and gone......and what a palava! Ok he was suppose to be in some unknown casino in europe to gamble £5k, which he 'stole' off an 'unsuspecting' member of the public.

Not totally convinced here at RiPA HQ! This is why:

  • Wasnt he lucky to meet a member of the public with £5K in the bank?!
  • For the bloke to then walk into the bank and instantly withdraw £5K..... My bank you have to order that amount and wait at least 3-4 days!
  • Once or twice Derren let slip in a undirect way that he could see the bloke (check out the bit as the bloke walks past the trucks)
  • In the casino, it seemed really rather quiet....

These are just some of the err's that RiPA had spotted during the show. Maybe you spotted more? We'll be interested to hear.
Now RiPA dont mean to slate the guy, in fact we admire Derren Brown and his works.... He's just gotta be a bit more careful because it seems he's at risk of 'Acorah' factor.... Letting the media hype him up so much that he believes he's better than he is. Some of you may disagree.

So how about RiPA, Well from hosting 3 weeks of talks,
(this picture in no way resembles a RiPA talk...one day maybe :)  ) Working on
SP, and sorting through various invites to places and events, including Manchester Science Fair and UCL, RiPA is doing great. Locations have been put to the wayside due to the work that RiPA have done over the past few weeks but we'll be back upto speed on that real soon.

Some of you had problems getting in touch using our mail page, These bugs have now been fixed so hopefully we shall start receiving your messages.

One more thing.
The RiPA forums as we know will be changing. This is due to it being hosted on a G2G domain and the lease is about to expire. A new shiny forum is currently being worked upon to replace it.

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