Buried Alive - Ian Lawman

Posted by Atticus on Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ok, so its been a little quiet in the paranormal world the past couple of weeks.
The usual 'woo' claims keep coming. The 'newest' psychic becomes the next big thing and of course, the homeopathy battle rages on.

But probably the most interesting thing this week is 'Badboy of the psychic world' Ian Lawman's latest stunt. 'Buried Alive' 

Ian Lawman is to be buried alive for seven days. This is to take place 1st April - 8th April 2011 at Dudley Castle. He is to be buried in a coffin, which will be purpose built, and lowered 6 ft under ground with approximately two ton of soil on top of him.

At the head of the coffin there is to be a glass panel enabling people to visibly see Ian in the coffin through out the seven days. A 24/7 hour webcam will be situated in the coffin to enable viewers to keep up to date with Ian's time underground, and to be able speak to Ian.
This also is said to help Lawman correspond with the outside world so you can have a step by step insight to how he is actually feeling, and what he may be experiencing emotionally and paranormally. The video can be viewed here on RiPA.

Ok, some of you long term followers of RiPA will be aware that RiPA and Lawman dont see eye to eye.
This stems from the program 'Haunted Homes' where investigator Mark Webb blew the whistle on the show. Mark gave RiPA an exclusiveinterview which can be read here on how the show was faked and then how Lawman offered to '...take him out...'

Ian seems to have a lot of followers supporting him on this event but how much do they really know about Ian? Ok, its good that he is doing it for charity but really, whats the point in it all? 
Was Ian's career sagging?
Is there scientific evidence that states being buried in the ground makes you more psychical?
But the biggest question of all is, if he is in there 24hrs a day for 7 days, what will he do when nature calls?
Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our forum.

On a more positive note the charity, The Blue Lamp Foundation, is set up by PC David Rathband's who was severely injured in the line of duty.... this charity is set up to support all personnel of the police force, the fire service and the ambulance service that have been criminally injured whilst on duty. 

Till next time folks.

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