Bunker No.3 And Other RiPA News

Posted by Atticus on Friday, March 5, 2010

On Friday 12th March, RiPA will be veturing up t'north of the UK to hold a research study at Bunker No.3.

Although the previous two failed to come up with any conclusive evidence of being 'haunted', there has been interesting events at both.

RiPA are currently conducting a theory on why these buildings of historical interest have many reports of hauntings attributed to them and hope to compile it all together soon.

So will B-No.3 give us the empirical evidence that we need to prove the existence of ghosts or will it just be another place that'll contribute to the RiPA Report? 

It does seem strange that although RiPA are conducting a mass study into the hauntings of theaters, these bunkers keep cropping up!. This is not by any means a bad thing as it helps RiPA prepare for the hush-hush MOD assignment later this year. Ok, that all sounds very "ipcress files-ish" but its all we can say at this current moment in time.

So what else is happening in the world of RiPA? 
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Also, the latest on the Simon Singh/Libel Reform situation.

There has been some interesting discussions taking place centering around this whole event.
Share your views, whether you are for it or not, on the
RiPA forums.
I have been asked a lot as to why RiPA is showing such an interest in this case.
Let me start from the beginning and I shall explain why its important that ALL Paranormal Research Teams should pay heed to the event;

The Keep Libel Laws out of Science campaign was launched following the use of the English libel laws to silence critical discussion of medical practice and scientific evidence discouraging debate, denying the public access to the full picture and encouraging the use of the courts to silence critics. The British Chiropractic Association has sued Simon Singh for libel. The scientific community would have preferred that it had defended its position about chiropractic through an open discussion in the medical literature or mainstream media.

On 4th June 2009 Simon Singh announced that he was applying to appeal the judge's recent pre-trial ruling in this case, in conjunction with the launch of this support campaign to defend the right of the public to read the views of scientists and writers.

Over 20,000 people from the worlds of science, journalism, publishing, comedy, literature and law signed up to Keep Libel Laws out of Science and call for an urgent review of English law of libel. Supporters include RiPA, Chris French, Richard Wiseman, Dara O'Briain, Stephen Fry, Lord Rees of Ludlow, Ricky Gervais, Martin Amis, Jonathan Ross, James Randi, Professor Richard Dawkins, Penn & Teller and Professor Sir David King, former Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government.

Click here for some background on Simon Singh's casealong with a discussion of the problems with the English libel system. At the launch of the campaign, Simon encouraged supporters to sign the statement of support, read more here

Add your voice to the National Petition for Libel Law Reform here;

As it stands, this means that people like RiPA and new RiPA friends such as LightSeekersand Haunted Vibes could face being sued for refuting a paranormal claim or program. Even if it is a simple blog, you can still get in to a messy legal suit.

I'll leave you now with some words on Libel Reform from Richard Dawkins;

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