Bucks Most Haunted Pub?

Posted by RiPA on Sunday, September 6, 2015

So sorry for the delay in updating the site folks but life had once again got in the way.
From here on in we hope to at least update weekly so keep popping back for the latest run down. But for up-to-the-minute RiPA-ing, remember to visit and like our Facebook page.

Now on with the blog.
RiPA have just started a new project by the name of  'Buckinghamshire's Most Haunted Pub'.
So many pubs lay claim to a ghostly tale and a lot of them have the proclaimed accolade as being the most haunted pub in.(state area here). So to finally find out which one has the spookiest spook or the ghostliest ghost, we have launched a Facebook campaign to find out.

The campaign is led by you guys. You tell us the name of a pub along with the associated story and we'll go check it out.
We will have short interviews with the proprietors of the place and put them on the BMHP facebook page.  
From here on, you lovely folk will then vote for your favourite pub based on the tales and any evidence that may have been captured. If the pub you selected or voted on claims the accolade of 'Buckinghamshire's Most Haunted Pub', then you and a friend will be invited to join us on an overnight investigation around Halloween. 

So get involved, submit a pub you know of and hopefully we shall see you soon.

In other news, episode 11 of RiPA Bites and a new 'Vox Pops' are now available to view on our 'Webisode's' page.
In RiPA Bites, we discuss if commercial paranormal tour groups are a hindrance or a help to what we do and in Vox Pops we ask a few people if they believe in ghosts.

Also you may discover that our Forum has been obliterated. In place of that we now have a 'TOTW' - Topic of the week'.
This will be updated every Tuesday with a question or subject that we put forth and you guys can get involved by leaving a comment of your thoughts. 

T'il next time folks.