Bolebroke - Redux

Posted by Atticus on Monday, February 21, 2011

Gee, What a busy time for RiPA.
We have just finished the first part in an ongoing study with Milton Keynes Discovery Center and before we know it there is another study on its way!

This is at Bolebroke Castle.
Thats right, we are returning to Henry VIII's hunting lodge which was also the location where parts of the movie 'The Other Boleyn Girl' was filmed.

RiPA's last visit to Bolebroke sparked some interesting results. It is the only place in RiPA's history where some things had happened that we could not explain at that time.

So will we get more of such 'phenomena' when we return? Who knows. Stayed tuned to find out.

As this is a return visit to this beautiful building, we have decided to invite you guys, the public, to come along with us. As always, RiPA are not a tour/events company so you will not get any theatrics. If you want to know what really goes on when proper paranormal research is done the this is your chance to find out.

It will only be £25 for a full night of true study. When tour groups visit this location they charge anywhere between £60 - £90 for 5 hours or so! Im not going to rant on about over priced event groups this time round.
So if you are interested in coming along then drop us a line at let us know some details and we'll be in touch.

Also, we are doing a special discount deal for our forum members, Sign up to our forum by clicking here --->
RiPA Forums make a minimum of 10 valid posts and you will get discount on this study.
Aint we nice to you.

Coming up in the RiPA diary is a Bunker, a Fort and a network of Catacombs which we are excited to do in collaboration with London Borough Council. Not to mention the ongoing study with Milton Keynes Council.

RiPA are excelling in progress and study research and I would personally like to thank the many people, companies, academia and locations that have helped RiPA become the reckoning force it is today.
Although RiPA as a brand has only been around for two years
(11 years under different guises)
  we have accomplished alot more in little time than we expected.

Many have jumped on the RiPA train, many have fallen by the wayside. We extend our gratitude to them as well. Ok, so RiPA was not for them, we make no secret of saying that RiPA is not a 'generic' group for 'everybody' but we appreciate the time they spent with us.

So, what next? Good news, RiPA's TV station has risen from the ashes like a phoenix and we have many plans with them. Nothing Most Haunted, TAPS, Ghost Adventurers - esque though so you are safe there.

I will leave you for now with a teaser trailer on an upcoming live program which comes from the twisted mind of RiPA.

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