Anyone For Ganzfeld?

Posted by RiPA Rep on Thursday, July 9, 2009

Session 2 of RiPA's Ganzfeld experiments has been and gone.This time around the RiPA's that took part done reasonably well as the 'reciever' selected the correct picture even though most of the associations were incorrect.

Those of you who dont know, RiPA is much more than just 'Ghost Investigations'. RiPA is currently undertaking a project in collaboration with Smiths University of London into the tried and tested Ganzfeld experiments.

The premise is that a subject lies down in a selected room. Halved ping-pong balls are placed over the eyes, generally a red light is turned on and through headphones, a white noise is played out.

The subject is not about to hypnotised - or tortured!. They are in what psychologists call the Ganzfeld, German for 'whole field, a state in which, though fully conscious and alert, the subject has been deprived of normal vision and auditory impressions. The subject is about to take part in an experiment in planned telepathic transmission.

Having been properly analysed and studied since the mid 70's. RiPA are happy to help out with what is known as one of the most promising fields of parapsychology. For more information on the Ganzfeld in general, click here and soon we'll have a special Ganzfeld blog to find out how the subjects perform.

RiPA would also like to open this experiment up to the public.
So if you would like to take part in a Ganzfeld session, please drop us a mail

by clicking here

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