And so we return

Posted by RiPA on Monday, October 1, 2012
So we're back. Well, not so much 'back' as in a 'come back'. Then again, I suppose it could be seen that way. We are not here to lay claim to anything. We are just here to tell you that yes, we are back.

Right. now thats cleared up lets get back to business.
So, its been a good few months since our last confession so what has RiPA been up to?

Well, it may have been quiet on but over on the RiPA Facebook page it has been fairly busy. Although we still could do with a few more adds so be kind and link to us.

Behind the scenes though there has been many changes and progress. From saying goodbye to a few RiPA's through to taking on some new faces. This leads us nicely in to my next topic.
We are currently taking on new RiPA's to join us in our studies and work. Being a RiPA is no easy feat. You may be involved in some heated public discussions. You may be called upon to take part in covert surveillence operations.
You may even be subjected to abuse. But please, dont let that dissuade you from joining our ranks.
We will train you in the art of debate (yes, there is an actual way to do it) and any operations that you may conduct will be explained in detail. In other word, we will not expect you to go into a study unprepared.

UInfortunately our RiPA email is on the fritz at the moment but feel free to get in touch via our
'Contact form' with the subject 'Join'. We look forward to seeing you soon.

On the horizon for RiPA we have many positive things. From TV and Film work through to studies of a new batch of so called haunted premises. So its a good time to be a RiPA.

As for the website. We are aware that it is not fully functional just yet and there are one or two dead links. This is being worked upon as we speak. Also the
RiPA Forums are being reopened. Facebook is all well and good to raise awareness but for that more in-depth discussion nothing beats a good old fashioned forum.

So for now folks, thats about it. the next update will be more based on the weird and wonderful world of the paranormal.

See ya'll soon.