Ah Shit, 2011 Already?

Posted by Atticus on Monday, January 3, 2011
So here we are, another year ready to be laid out before us.
What will this bring to the RiPA heads.....
Well, without giving too much away we have a very special public stunt to honor our good friend, Houdini.

This is set to take place around Mid-Summer in RiPA's home town of Milton Keynes.

Atticus, (me) will be suspended 80ft in the air from a crane while being upside down encased in a straight jacket.
I will then attempt to escape from the jacket before I pass out!
So what is the reason behind this I hear your mind ask....
This is being held not just as a tribute to Houdini, but to bring awareness on the lesser known fact that he sought out a campaign to expose fraudulant mediums and tricksters.

His 'spiritual' crusade revealed alot of hoaxers who were conning the general public outta their money and minds.
More on that later on in the year.

Also we have the long awaited 'Odditorium' series come as well as 'Spirit - Level'. Both these shows will be entertaining and informative. So be on the look out for them.

Ok, how are RiPA set for field studies? Actually, we aint doing too bad for this year.
As per-usual, a few let downs have happened already but thats just the way it rolls when you do what we do.
These factors will be compensated for in one way or another.

What would be a great start to the year for RiPA is to start getting some new blood on board.
Become a RiPA and have your mind opened up. Maybe you have had an encounter with a spook.
Let us know. Maybe you want to take things a bit further than just 'Ghost Hunting'. Drop us a line.
Basically the RiPA doors are open all throughout January to let you guys come and meet the elite team behind the RiPA walls. And with an field study on 21st January at an old Fort, now is a good time to
join us.

So this is just gonna be a short update to kick the website off in 2011 but I just want to conclude this update by mentioning that RiPA are taking on SyFy's tv show 'Fact or Faked'.
We were due to do this last year but due to weather conditions it deemed unreasonable to do a fair recreation of the point in question. 
Now the issue we have with this show is that they gave a very unfair analysis on a 'sighting' that was recorded on camera. This recording captured 3 reddish lights in a triangular formation in the night sky.
The team consists of experts in various field including a very young ex-FBI agent!

Right so, one of there explanations suggested it could be some Sky Lanterns'.
This was the majority of RiPA's first thought, so we were pleased when they suggested it.
But the downfall came when they tried to light the lantern.

Myself and RiPA's loves Sky Lanterns and I guess we deem ourselves quasi-experts on 'Sky Lantern flying'.
However, FoF's intrepid tv crew were not quite so good.

They tried to light a Sky Lantern with a BLOW-TORCH! Thats right, a flimsy paper construction with a 2x2 parrafin sheet in the middle lit with a high flame BLOW-TORCH!! Go figure!

Anyway, needless to say, their experiement did not go well and that was that. They didnt think to retry and instantly dismissed this as a cause to the phenomenon. 
This Tuesday 4th January, at RiPA HQ, we will set off a triangular frame with Sky Lanterns attached and we shall give it a fair trial. Check out the video below for a better understanding. 

Till next time....