A New Experience For RiPA...

Posted by Atticus on Wednesday, February 26, 2014
So this Friday 28th February, RiPA will be doing a first. We will be joining a well known Ghost hunting event group for an overnight ghost hunt!

Yep, you read that right. As some of you know, RiPA prides itself on not being ghost hunters but more so as researchers into the paranormal. Now there is a difference between Paranormal Researcher and Ghost Hunter. I'm sure I have gone into this in detail on this site before so I will just glance over it now.

A Paranormal researcher looks for the 'how's and why's'.where as a ghost hunter generally just looks to get  the ghost.

This is why this Fridays ghost hunt is quite unique to us.
We are used to holding our own in house studies on allegedly haunted places and very rarely invite the public. When the public are invited it will be as part of the study itself rather than just trying to cash in.

So why are we doing this? Well, 2013 was a very quiet year for RiPA in the public eye. Behind the scenes however it was quite hectic. We had worked with several organisations below the radar and also conducted some of our own investigations into various claims. Some of which you'll be able to read about on this site soon.
Anyhow, back to why are we doing this....  Many groups, and people who travel to take part in such events claim to capture and/or experience many ghostly phenomena. Every time RiPA has traveled to a supposed haunted place, we have failed to get anything even remotely conclusive for the evidence of ghostly activity. But we do seem to come away with answers as to why people experience what they claim to be ghostly  phenomenon.

So we are either doing something very wrong or just going on the wrong nights!
Now the events company we are going with certainly seem, from the outside at least, one of the more reputable organisations out there. Past reviews from previous attendees are always full of praise and kind words as well as amazement of the amount of activity they experienced on said event.

Now the place we are going to is a grand building in Herefordshire. Reports from this building vary greatly from the ghost of a murderer to the apparition of a young girl. Will any of these show up for RiPA? That remains to be seen but we will be keeping a live update though-out the night on our FACEBOOK  page.
So if you haven't already, click the link and give us a like so you can join in and share your ideas with us on the night.

Til next time folks.

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