A Favourite Haunt, An Exclusive Invite And A Pact With The Devil

Posted by Atticus on Monday, July 26, 2010
So here we go again. Another fortnight, another update. I do try to keep these weekly or even a coupla times a week but its just busy busy at RiPA HQ!
So lets start with some location news. Sometimne ago, the rumour mill was busy stating that another group or two out there had it in for, then quite newly based, RiPA.
One of the said groups went to a frequent location that RiPA use and allegedly slagged off the RiPA brand.
Needless to say, the people who were at the center of this spoke to RiPA back then and apologised.

More on this story can be read by clicking the following link ----->  
Rivalry is abnormal, not paranormal
Anyway moving on to recent times, RiPA had ventured back to the place in question and the team were met with open arms.....well, almost!

So that started off a good night for that case study. Did anything happen?   Maybe.........

The highlight of the night was the sound of moving cutlery. Some say a chair had moved too, but after some tests, we put that down to human intervention.
This was also the first RiPA/RiPA Hunters event.

Whats that I hear you ask?
RiPA Hunters??

Well, let me tell you. Thats the part of RiPA where the general public, like you, can get the chance to come along to select investigations.

Why is this?

Well, RiPA operates on a 'in-house' team basis. Being a RiPA can be hard work, not to say exhausting at times.
A lot of people try to come aboard as a RiPA, but they find the CTS training to intensive and at times the edcucational weekly meets too much to take in.

Some even dont want to know the actual psychology of the paranormal for fear that their beliefs may be shattered. But they still want to do ' Ghost Hunting '. This led to RiPA Hunters being born. Go check it out by clicking on the following link --->
RiPA Hunters.

Anyhow, back to the Hotel story, The cutlery incident was indeed strange, even I admit that, was it paranormal, we are yet to find out. As usual, hours of footage await the eyes of the RiPA's!

So whats the next event for RiPA?
On Friday 30th July, we have been invited to an exclusive location.
Now this place is a school that has asked for secrecy.
Its not so much a 'ghost hunt' but more a psychological study.
The study is on Infrasound. The way the building is structured could
be quite a hotspot and may be having an adverse effect on the
childrens learning.
This is quite an interesting case so expect a facinating
write up on this one when we're done.

So lets bring this update to a close by quickly announcing RiPA's most controversial
social experiment to-date.
Are you Agnostic, Athiest, Skeptical? Maybe you are of a Religious belief and have strong ties with God?
Either way, would you be prepared to make a
pact with the Devil for your soul? If so, then RiPA has that deal available to you. Do you dare to sign the Devils Pact in return for a desire, a wish, a yearning? Head on over to the signing pageand see if Beelzebub can tempt you.

Until next time.....I'll leave you with the church of Satan!!
(RiPA is in no way associated with Satanism or any group of that incline!)

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