21st January - Harwich Redoubt Fort

Posted by Atticus on Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hey people, so only a few days to go until RiPA's first study of 2011 and the buzz can be felt here at RiPA HQ.

The location is Harwich Redoubt Fort, Essex.
Now, what's so special about this place?
The truth is, we dont know. What we do know is that it has become a beacon for 'Ghost Hunters' to visit.

RiPA are attending to find out why.

To start with, lets have a look at the history of this place.
Harwich was one of the most important launch sites for the D Day landings. It’s walls are filled with the memories of thousands of soldiers who never returned home.
It is said that Harwich Redoubt Fort hides many secrets.

Harwich Redoubt Fort was built in 1808 to defend the port of Harwich from a possible Napoleonic invasion. Eleven guns sit on its battlements, and in times of seige the eighteen casements below could hold up to 300 troops. I do believe that one of these 'guns' is the only one of its type in Europe.

Due to its strategic importance, the fort was constantly modernised from the time it was constructed until the late nineteenth century. Despite this, the guns located at the fort were never fired in a defensive manner. From the beginning of the twentieth century its importance began to significantly decline due to the construction of the equally impressive Beacon Hill Battery further along the coast.

The fort had a dual purpose during the Second World War when its rooms were used as prision cells for British troops awaiting trial. In many of the rooms the graffiti left by the prisioners can still be seen.

Following the end of the Second World War the fort fell in to the hands of the British Civil Defence Authority and remained under their stewardship until it was disbanded and formally retired from military service.

But what about the ghosts and paranormal activity?

Harwich Redoubt Fort is one of those rare locations which, despite being on the ’paranormal circuit’, has not been over investigated. Although the fort has grew in popularity so it wont stay this way for long.
Groups that have made the trip have not been disappointed though.

Reported phenomena includes:

* the sound of unexplained footsteps

* apparitions seen through many windows.

* unexplained experiences in many of the casements, including hot and cold spots, physical touching and noises

* the ghost of a headless soldier is said to walk the grounds.

Will any of these appear when RiPA walks the fort?

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