2013 and we're still here.....

Posted by RiPA on Saturday, January 5, 2013
Yes, we are still here and by an intricate method of physics and elementary we can tell that you are still here too.

So what happened on the 21/12/12?
Well I woke up as usual. May or may not have had breakfast.
Probably breathed a few times. Drank some liquids. Partook in some daily activities. Watched TV / films. Spoke to some people then went to bed.

Although I was on the lookout for great white lights and fiery meteors from outer-space, I failed to see anything remotely like that. I then woke up on the morning of 22/12/12 and done pretty much the same as the day before....

But what if..... What if something DID happen?. What if it happened and we just didn't know about it? Certainly fodder for thought. But wait, what do conspiracy theorists and truthers think?
Before the date it was either 'End of the world' or 'Alien invasion'. But now, after the date, it seems alot more are jumping on the 'change' theory. Basically the world aint gonna end but have more of  'spritiual change'. Age of Aquarius if you will.
But I aint gonna get into that just here. Save that for another time. Or if you feel the need, feel free to raise the issue on our Forums or Facebook page. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Anyhow. On with this long awaited update. 2012 was a quiet but busy year for RiPA. Unfortunately we had to drop out of the public eye for a while due to certain projects we were involved in. Not everything went to plan but that what did has set us up nicely for 2013 projects. 

This year you can expect a nice new fully functional website with more media and insights into the weirdness of the world. More events where you can get involved, and more activity via the website.

To start things off, we are looking to visit more places that are allegedly haunted. Now, in true RiPA style, we are not out to 'catch a ghost' but more to see why events that do happen are claimed to be paranormal.

We will be going to places that have been frequently visited by ghost hunters and ghost hunting groups who have come away claiming they have evidence from that location. Our studies will be documented and shown on the RiPA website.
Of course, It would not be wise to go into detail regarding this project but if you would like to be part of it, drop us a line and we'll look forward to hearing from you.

In Brief: Other things in 2013. We will be releasing some web-series, stepping up the mark on investigating fraudulent mediums and psychics and other peddlers of woo, holding more public lectures regarding Anomalistics and taking on more future RiPA's.

Till next time folks.