2010 - Start of a new year for RiPA

Posted by Atticus on Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Well well well, here we are in 2010 and how we have all changed..... or not! There has been a few changes within the RiPA world though in order to make the whole RiPA ship flowing smoother than ever.

So whats on the cards for RiPA at the start of this year?
First off, we're off to London to join Prof Chris French on a talk about the 'Psychology of Anomalous Experiences'.

This talk will provide an introduction to the sub-discipline of anomalistic psychology, which may be defined as the study of extraordinary phenomena of behaviour and experience, in an attempt to provide non-paranormal explanations in terms of known psychological and physical factors. This approach will be illustrated with examples relating to a range of ostensibly paranormal phenomena.

It should be a very interesting talk and maybe one that we'll do in Milton Keynes. We will also be hosting public talks in Milton Keynes on topics from Pareidolia to Pseudosciences. Keep checking back for news on future RiPA events. RiPA aims to bring the paranormal to Milton Keynes in 2010.

So RiPA's first field trip is soon upon us and gee, its gonna be good. This is the charity event we are hosting on behalf of Marks & Spencers' charity TVACAA. There have been a few alterations in arranging this event but trust when we say its all worth it. If we had the funding of Antix we could broadcast it and call it 'Ghost Hunting with.... M&S'!
Talking of Antix....  Lets talk Most Haunted Live 2010

Its also that time again when the
Most Haunted Live crew do their bit for 2010.
And yes, RiPA will be there casting its watchful eye over the events. This time the MH team are in RAF West Raynham.
Raynham was a Royal Air Force station located to the west of the village of West Raynham in Norfolk, England. It opened in the 1930s and was operational throughout World War II. It closed in 1994. Nearly sixteen years after its closure, the derelict buildings still lay abandoned across the Norfolk skyline.

It all sounds very nice but is it haunted? Apparently so! There is a ghost of a downed WW2 Polish pilot who crashed on the flight line on R.A.F. West Raynham. This fella is seen walking through walls, sitting in main dining room, and walking down the back stairway towards the kitchen. He appears to haunt Room 7 of the Officer's Mess.

Also, a boy and a girl were sleeping in the same room once, they slept in separate beds, the boy could feel the presence of someone but couldn’t see anyone, after a while he could feel that someone sat down on his bed, when he looked up no one was there and then something laid down next to him and started hugging him. There was also a picture taken of the house from the outside and in one of the windows you could see an old man looking out of the window with an old lady next to him.

There is also a haunted theatre and hotel nearby, will the Most Haunted Live crew visit them too?
What do you think of MH? In fact are you a believer in things paranormal? Maybe you believe more than you think....
Help RiPA with conducting one of their current studies by filling in this really simple questionaire on paranormal belief, it will take less than a minute.


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