'A Dickens of a Christmas' OLNEY 12th December

Posted by Atticus on Saturday, December 4, 2010

So another event comes to an end. 'Charles Dickens - A'Live Seance'.
Was it successful? Did the great author show up? Unfortunately he didnt but according to our host medium several other entities put in an appearance. A little girl, an angry Irishman, a Soldier and a horse rider! Wow, what a busy pub this is when it comes to spirits.

The highlight of the event was when a pendulum that was hanging from a candle stick knocked against the ornate metal frame making a plesant 'tink' sound. Ok, so it doesnt sound much in writing but it was interesting to watch. There was also talk of the temperature in the room dropping quite considerably. Could this be the other world coming through or just the snowy weather having an effect on this 17th century courthouse?

I just want to say a quick thanks to everyone who turned up and a quick boo to those that didnt. We have been invited back there in the new year for a staff only event. We look forward to that one.

Ok, so on to 'Charles Dickens - A'Live Seance II'. Thats right, part 2!
On December the 12th 2010, Olney will host their yearly festival titled 'A Dickens of a Christmas'. For one day only, Olney, in Buckinghamshire, near Milton Keynes, will go back in time to the 1800's. The time where Dickens was putting pen to paper. 
Market stall holders will be selling Victorian ingredients as well as adorning the fashion of Dickensian age.
There will be side-show entertainers, games and a whole lotta fun.

Then when the days festivities are over, RiPA will play host at the only pub that is open that day, The Two Brewers, with their 'A'Live Seance' event.

Will Dickens show up for this one? Who knows? No two Seances are ever the same. Even if he dont we expect something untowards to happe as the pub where it is being held has a rather bizarre history. Some of which includes the Devil himself! The stories and tales that surround this pub will be revealed on the night.

So grab yourself a ticket and we'll see you there. Tickets are on sale now at only £5 and can be purchsed online at the oh-so-subtle following link ---->

I'll leave you now but just as a teaser, RiPA have one more investigation this year and its a great one to end on. You are also invited to join us on this festive occasion. More about that on the next update.


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