4 Days of Halloween


4 Days Of Halloween 

Halloween 2011 has decended upon us fast.
The time when it is believed that the veils which seperates
the mortal land from the astral plain is at its thinnest.
The time when the two worlds cross.
The time when little children throw eggs at your door!
Thats right, Halloween is here again.

To celebrate Halloween 2011 RiPA are doing something pretty special.
RiPA will be hosting, in association with 'Hauntiques' and CDCMK,
'4 Days Of Halloween'.

This event, as you have probably guessed from the ingeniously
imaginitive title, will span over 4 days. With 2 paranormal investigations,
a Mind, Body & Soul Fayre ( RiPA style! ) and a musical night of comedy and clairvoyance, this Halloween will surely be remembered. 
RiPA reserve the right to alter any event...for the better....

So heres the listing of events:

Day one. 28th October. RiPA hosts a paranormal investigation
in to the ghosts of Bradwell Abbey.
Will the plague ridden Monks show themselves?
Will the alleged ghost of a maid come and say hi?
Come along and find out.


(please contact us on 07743 - 360164 in case of ticket cancellations)



Day 2: On Saturday 29th October, RiPA returns to the Abbey
on another overnight study.
Will the discarnate souls show up as we near Halloween?
The veil between this world and the other is said to be at
its thinnest come Halloween....


 (please contact us on 07743 - 360164 in case of ticket cancellations)


Day 3: Pop in to the Abbey on Sunday 30th October
and see all manner of arts and crafts as we host a 'Mind, Body & Soul Fayre'.
("RiPA!! Mind, Body & Soul Fayre?
" I hear you ask, Trust, we have our reasons!!)
Come get your dream catchers, stock up on your
pendulums and perhaps get your Chakra's cleaned, 
your tarot read,
and all other weird and wonderful things.

Tickets: N/A (free entry)
Times: 11am - 5pm




Day 4: Monday 31st October, Its HALLOWEEN! And Our main event!
If anything ghostly is going to happen, this day would be the day.
RiPA will be hosting an evening of Clairvoyance, Country & Comedy.
With a certain someone by the name of Martin Roberts holding platform,
you know its not gonna be your run of the mill night!
For you night owls we will be holding a seance after hours so if you
would like to stick around and join in that would be fantastic.

Tickets: £5
Times 7pm - 11pm








  • Bradwell Abbey,
    Alston Drive
  • Milton Keynes,
    MK13 9AP
    United Kingdom



 From 28th October
31st October



To purchase tickets,
Just click the paypal link to the right of the event you wish to attend.


 There is no physical ticket as entry will be actioned on a name list system. Turn up, give your name plus ID and you're in.

Ages 18+ only
(except Sunday)









Note: Details are open for adjustment but all prices and information are correct at time of print.
RiPA can not and does not endorse any paranormal claims unless irrefutable evidence is proven in controlled tests.

RiPA remains critical & skeptical in all paranormal claims and are hosting the
'4 days of halloween' as an entertainment event..... But who knows.....