With so many 'ghost apps' around nowadays, it comes as no surprise that quite a high percentage of photos submitted to RiPA show little more than doctored imagery with such software.  So., in the hope to help you discover if such a picture has been 'ghosted' or not, we at RiPA bring to you 'Ghost Compare'.

We have laboriously taken images form the most popular apps on the market and uploaded them to this repository.
A lot of the apps use the same or similar pictures so although our listings may not be exhaustive, we feel and hope there is enough to be able to tell. So, on with the listings.


 Ghost FX - Cathead Studios

These guys claim to have the largest 'ghost library' of all Apps, so your 'ghost' has a high chance of being in here.
If not, check out the rest below.


Ghost Camera - Dinh Lang 


 Ghostcam - Nightinart

Ghostcam: Spirit Photography - Theapparit Insa