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Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Posted by Cally on Tuesday, March 31, 2009 Under: USA

 If I could investigate any where in the world there's only one place that I would jump at the chance to investigate. The place, Waverley Hills sanatorium in Kentucky. Why here ? Well I'm fascinated by the place, its colourful history, its array of paranormal activity and the sheer elegance of one of Americas most haunted places. When a place like this has reports of paranormal activity I cant help but understand why, with disease, mental instability, death and suffering soaked into the walls of this magnificent structure over decades of time I guess hauntings are inevitable.Let me take you on a little adventure around Waverley Hills.

The history
Waverley hills opened its doors in 1926, for the purpose of treating tuberculosis suffers, This building replaced the original two storey, wooden hospital that had stood there, the wooden structure held only 40 beds and as tuberculosis was rife in Kentucky it was decided that a new facility with a bigger capacity was needed. When Waverley opened it was considered to be the most advanced tuberculosis hospital in the country, and if anyone suffering from this awful disease had any chance of making it then this was the place to get treatment. The many treatments available for TB were often barbaric and quiet experimental. It was thought that the best treatment was to be exposed to plenty of sunlight and fresh air, patients where wheeled often still in their beds out onto the sun terraces to take in the air, in all weathers, there are photos in existence of patients, on the terraces, their bed clothes covered in snow.

Other treatments included Thoracoplasty, this was an operation that removed several ribs to allow the lungs to have room to expand however only 5% of people survived this procedure. Many people and family's died at Waverley and the body toll is thought to be 63,000. Bodies were removed from the hospital via a “death tunnel”or “body chute”. This tunnel ran from the hospital to the bottom of the hill it stood on. The tunnel was constructed this way so that the patients did not see the dead being removed from the hospital as not to damage their morale and hinder their recovery. This tunnel is 500 ft long and was also used as a way for maintenance men and hospital staff to enter and exit the building. In 1961 Waverley hills was closed as a sanatorium due to the decrease in TB and re-opened as Woodhaven Geriatrics sanitarium in 1962. This was short lived as reports of patient neglect and abuse saw the closure of the building in 1982. Now this magnificent building stands derelict and revenged by time a Mecca for paranormal investigators from all over the world.

The ghosts of Waverley.
Many ghosts are said to roam the vast corridors and rooms of this building, mostly shadow people, however there are some regular apparitions that like to appear to unsuspecting people.



Said to haunt the third floor of the building, Mary has been seen peering out of windows and playing with a ball. The strange thing about Mary is that when she has been seen, she has no eyes. A photo of a young girl found within one of the walls of Waverley and signed love Mary Lee was identified as the apparition that has been sighted on numerous occasions.

A variation of Mary is the apparition of a small boy affectionately given the name Timmy. He also likes to play with a ball and has often been seen playing hide and seek. The distinction between a young boy and a young girl would be hard to make due to the fact that they often would have been dressed in similar clothes and would often have short hair, So it is perfectly plausible that Mary and Timmy are one and the same.

Room 502
Room 502 is situated on the roof. This is said to be where the patients that had lost mental stability due to TB were housed. Room 502 is reportedly the nurses station although some believe that it was in actual fact a bathroom. Two female apparitions have been sighted here on numerous occasions.

The first
apparition is that of a nurse found hanging from a light fitting, Mary Hillenberg committed suicide in 1928. It was documented that she was a young nurse who had fallen pregnant out of wedlock and that this had brought on depression causing this poor desperate girl to hang herself. Some accounts of this haunting say that the patients were forced to walk around the hanging body until another nurse came on shift. The second apparition is of a nurse that is said to have thrown herself from one of the windows, Although people have seen her falling from the window and also standing gazing out of it there is no historical record of a nurse plummeting to her death.

Main entrance

An apparition of an older woman has been seen running out of the main entrance covered in blood, her hands and feet shackled in chains.

Body chute

This Erie 500ft tunnel is reported to be haunted by the lost souls of Waverley. Disembodied voices and unexplained lights have been sighted on a regular basis in this dank and dark chute.

Elevator ghost

In the early 1990's police were called out to Waverley hills to a report of a dead body. They discovered that a homeless man and his dog had fallen down the disused elevator shaft and had died down there. Both his and his dogs apparitions have been sighted but funnily enough not together. Maybe their searching for each other ?
Well their just some of the characters that you could run into in the corridors and rooms of the rambling estate of Waverley hills sanatorium. However it doesn't stop their, emf meters, cameras, torches and any other electrical equipment used, seems to play up as well as the numerous sightings of shadow people and the disembodied voices seemingly warning visitors to “GET OUT”. All these elements make Waverley hills my personal ultimate place to investigate.


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