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The Kreed Kafer Story

Posted by Cally on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Under: Fraud?

Could it be true??? One of Britain’s "most accurate" mediums, Derek Acorah is a fraud!!!

Well I’m afraid that there may be some truth behind this statement. Mr Acorah came bursting onto our screens in the now infamous paranormal show Most Haunted, We all loved his way with words and his insanely funny "possessions" however at the start of series 6 it all began to unfold for Derek.

Let me start at the beginning (Yes I know that’s the best place to start) during filming at Castle Leslie, Ireland, Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe began to smell a rat. Derek claimed to have been getting specific information from a four poster bed; He insisted that this exact bed was where he gained his information from. However the bed was NOT the original bed, right room wrong bed.

After this incident Ciaran set out to confirm or deny his suspicions.

Series 6, Bodmin gaol, was the setting for Ciaran’s "test". Before filming began, making sure Derek was in ear shot, Ciaran mentioned to one of the crew members, that a spirit reported to haunt the gaol went by the name of Kreed Kafer, which is actually an anagram of Derek Faker.

Well you can imagine his surprise when Acorah was suddenly possessed by……You guessed it Kreed Kafer. He stated that this fictional Character was a South African Jailor, even going as far as adopting a Johannesburg accent.

In the next episode of Most Haunted filmed at Prideaux place in Cornwall, Derek claimed to have contacted another of Ciarans fictional characters Rik Eeadles, another clever anagram this time of Derek lies.

The spirited Mr Acorah was subsequently possessed by this fictional highwayman.

The final straw was the whole lion, witch and the wardrobe tripe that Derek slopped out of his mouth at Craigievar castle, Aberdeen.

Again Ciaran had set Derek up with stories of Richard the lion heart, a witch and the apparition of Richard disappearing into a wardrobe, Come on Derek are you really that stupid…..Oh seems you are J

Derek repeated these stories, practically word for word, had he have done his research properly (Get it research…Oh never mind!!) He would have known that Richard the 1st reigned 500 years BEFORE Craigievar castle was even built.

Armed with all this evidence Ciaran gave an interview to the Mirror newspaper (28th September 2005). Ciaran said that Derek was duping the public with showmanship and dramatics, gathering information on locations prior to filming and pretending to communicate with spirits.

Shortly after these revelations Mr Acorah left Most Haunted and disappeared from our screens for a while. Is he a fraudster??? I’ll let you be the judge of that but I will ask you to bear in mind all the other instances that Derek Acorah has reportedly faked evidence, possessions and phenomena….Maybe there is some truth in all the rumours.

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