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Famous haunts

Posted by Cally on Friday, March 19, 2010 Under: Dead famous

Famous haunts

So ever wondered where your favourite dead celebrity's like to hang out when they've gone to the big Hollywood in the sky ??

Well here's where a few of my favourites and where they like to spend their time.

Marilyn Monroe

Died: August 6th 1962

Cause of death: Overdose of sleeping pills

Famous haunts

1, Roosevelt hotel, Hollywood – Marilyn is said to have appeared in a full length mirror that was once in her favourite suite, Now situated on the lower level of the hotel near the elevators.

2, Her grave – Westwood memorial cemetery, 1218, Glendon avenue, Los Angeles, California.

3, Where she died – Marilyn s former home in Brentwood is said to be highly haunted with most activity happening in the exact spot where her body was found.



Died: August 16th 1977

Cause of death: Cardiac arrhythmia

Famous haunts

1, Gracelands – Elvis is said to walk the rooms and corridors of his beloved home.

2, Las Vegas Hilton - Elvis performed a sell out concert here and is said to still be rocking in the Performance space there.


Harry Houdini

Died: October 31st 1926

Cause of death: Peritonitis secondary to a ruptured spleen.

Famous haunts

1, Las Vegas, Jackie Gaughans plaza, Harry is said to play pranks and move things in the showroom of this building.

2, 2398, Laurel Canyon Blvd, Hollywood hills, The site where his mansion once stood, having been destroyed by fire in 1959, is said to be the place where you would be most likely to encounter the lingering spirit of the great Houdini.

John Lennon

Died: December 8th 1980

Cause of death: Shot four times in the back by a crazed fan

Famous haunts

1, John is said to haunt the site of his death, The Dakota building, 1 West 72nd street, New York city.


Kurt Cobain

Died: April 5th 1994

Cause of death: Suicide by gunshot

Famous haunts

1, In August of 2000 a 24year old bar manager from Essex claimed he was haunting her Compaq presario laptop. He appeared to her pleading for help and a kiss. When she kissed the image on the screen the computer shut down and hasn't worked since.


Sid James

Died: April 26th 1976

Cause of death: Heart attack

Famous haunts

1, Carry on star and funny man Sid is said to haunt the theatre where he died on stage, The Sunderland empire theatre, U.K.

But I guess you could say his ghost haunts our TV boxes every year with the legendary & timeless 'Carry on....' series.

A great loss to British TV

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