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These people have either hindered or helped to shape the paranormal world.

The Fox Sisters

Posted by Atticus on Friday, February 27, 2009 Under: Fraud?
In 1848, sisters Kate, Leah, and Margaret Fox became instant celebrities when they began communicating with the dead. Living in a house supposedly serving as the burial site of a murder victim substantiated these claims of spiritual communication, and the series of raps and knockings that could be heard in response to the girls' questions were immediately assumed to be coming from beyond the grave. People from all over the girls' hometown of Hydesville, New York came to witness the phenomenon, and soon people from all over the state and country arrived to see for themselves. The sisters became famous, holding public séances, serving as mediums between the living and dead, and playing key roles in the growing Spiritual movement. From the beginning, however, there were doubters who believed that the communication was nothing more than a hoax, and that the rappings and knockings were somehow created by the girls themselves. Years later, Margaret made a startling confession; she claimed that the spiritual communication had been part of a scheme, and that she was responsible for the noises. Skeptics reacted knowingly, but others didn't buy it. Believers had faith in the possibility of mediums at work and were convinced that communication between this world and the next was possible. Unfortunately for the sisters, their lives ended tragically, marred by alcohol, poverty, and depression. But their legacy lives on in the resulting Spiritual movement that they played an integral role in.

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