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These people have either hindered or helped to shape the paranormal world.

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Sally Morgan.. Is she a fake

Posted by Atticus & Prof. Chris French on Tuesday, September 20, 2011, In : Fraud? 

Prof Chris French writes his view on the Sally Morgan case at Dublins Grand Canal theatre.

According to her website, Sally Morgan is "Britain's best-loved psychic". She is certainly a very successful psychic – she has just released her third book and is currently filming the third series of Psychic Sally on the Road for Sky LIVING. But an incident that took place a few days ago may cause a few of her fans to wonder whether Morgan is deserving of their adoration.

Could it be that, like...

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Jason Hawes is a Lying Piece of Shit or: Why TAPS fucking sucks

Posted by Atticus & Jason Korbus on Friday, January 7, 2011, In : Fraud? 

There are so many tv programes out there to date that all claim to go on investigations at haunted places in serch for evidence.

These are becoming a bit tiresome both here in the UK and across the pond in the USA.

However, there are a couple that seem to stand out above the rest for whatever reason. One in particular is TAPS.
TAPS has gained a huge following both here and stateside and many websites in the paranormal field seem to take great pleasure in accolading themselves as part of the '......

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Joe Power..... Not A Very Nice Guy??

Posted by Atticus & Michael Legge on Wednesday, August 25, 2010, In : Fraud? 

Its time for the Edinburgh Fringe.
RiPA friends Wiseman French, Watts and a few other are at the top of the UK doing what they do best.

However, its not just the brainiacs who attend such events. Comedian Michael Legge was also there and he shares with 
RiPA his account of a display by Joe Power.

"Yesterday, I was thrown out of a show. Is there anything more embarrassing or belittling to a performer than to be asked to leave a show they're watching? Joe Power can talk to the dead but, as it turns...

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Martin Gardner: 1914-2010

Posted by Atticus & Chris French on Tuesday, May 25, 2010,

Chris French mourns the passing of Martin Gardner, a prolific writer and populariser of mathematics, and one of the most influential figures in scepticism
Martin Gardner's uncompromising attacks on fringe science and New Age ideas delighted his admirers and enraged his detractors.

Love or hate him, you just have to admire him.

Like French, Gardener has had quite a prominent place in the mindset that I provide to RiPA and his work will always have a place on my bookshelf. Thats not to say that...

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Famous haunts

Posted by Cally on Friday, March 19, 2010, In : Dead famous 

Famous haunts

So ever wondered where your favourite dead celebrity's like to hang out when they've gone to the big Hollywood in the sky ??

Well here's where a few of my favourites and where they like to spend their time.

Marilyn Monroe

Died: August 6th 1962

Cause of death: Overdose of sleeping pills

Famous haunts

1, Roosevelt hotel, Hollywood – Marilyn is said to have appeared in a full length mirror that was once in her favourite suite, Now situated on the lower level of the ...

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Medium Chris Conway Leaves Most Haunted

Posted by Atticus on Monday, March 15, 2010,

So it appears another medium has left the Antix Most Haunted crew. Surely a pattern is forming here.

David Wells, Ian Lawman, Gordon Smith, Derek Acorah to mention but a few have all braved the MH palava, and all have left it with similar accounts.

The latest Medium to leave is Chris Conway Who joined Most Haunted in their 13th series. Now to be honest totally honest with you, I have not seen chris in action so I really cant comment on his validity. But I do know the reputation that Most Haunte...

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William Hope's Spirit Pictures

Posted by Atticus on Monday, March 15, 2010, In : Dead famous 

The Following photographs of ’spirits’ are taken from an albumof photographs unearthed in a Lancashire second-hand and antiquarian bookshop by one of the Museum’s curators.

They were taken by a controversial medium called William Hope (1863-1933). Born in 1863 in Crewe, Hope started his working life as a carpenter. In about 1905 he became interested in spirit photography after capturing the supposed image of a ghost while photographing a friend. He went on to found the Crewe Circle ...

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The Kreed Kafer Story

Posted by Cally on Tuesday, September 29, 2009, In : Fraud? 

Could it be true??? One of Britain’s "most accurate" mediums, Derek Acorah is a fraud!!!

Well I’m afraid that there may be some truth behind this statement. Mr Acorah came bursting onto our screens in the now infamous paranormal show Most Haunted, We all loved his way with words and his insanely funny "possessions" however at the start of series 6 it all began to unfold for Derek.

Let me start at the beginning (Yes I know that’s the best place to start) during filming at Castle Les...

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Do Psychic Detectives Really Solve More Crimes?

Posted by Atticus & Randy Gonzales on Sunday, September 20, 2009, In : Fraud? 

Ok, as some of you folks out there know, Ive spent alot of time in the security & custody line of work. Im also an avid fan of real life crime shows and the Crime & Investigation Network channel on Sky. As a result, I have made contacts with many people in various fields of Blue-Line jobs.

This is where the following article comes in to it.
Psychic Detectives and Criminal Profiling are more similar than you think and with the help of Randy Gonzales, a former police chief and criminologist, we ...

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The Fox Sisters

Posted by Atticus on Friday, February 27, 2009, In : Fraud? 
In 1848, sisters Kate, Leah, and Margaret Fox became instant celebrities when they began communicating with the dead. Living in a house supposedly serving as the burial site of a murder victim substantiated these claims of spiritual communication, and the series of raps and knockings that could be heard in response to the girls' questions were immediately assumed to be coming from beyond the grave. People from all over the girls' hometown of Hydesville, New York came to witness the phenomenon...
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