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Famous haunts

Posted by Cally on Friday, March 19, 2010, In : Dead famous 

Famous haunts

So ever wondered where your favourite dead celebrity's like to hang out when they've gone to the big Hollywood in the sky ??

Well here's where a few of my favourites and where they like to spend their time.

Marilyn Monroe

Died: August 6th 1962

Cause of death: Overdose of sleeping pills

Famous haunts

1, Roosevelt hotel, Hollywood – Marilyn is said to have appeared in a full length mirror that was once in her favourite suite, Now situated on the lower level of the ...

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Medium Chris Conway Leaves Most Haunted

Posted by Atticus on Monday, March 15, 2010,

So it appears another medium has left the Antix Most Haunted crew. Surely a pattern is forming here.

David Wells, Ian Lawman, Gordon Smith, Derek Acorah to mention but a few have all braved the MH palava, and all have left it with similar accounts.

The latest Medium to leave is Chris Conway Who joined Most Haunted in their 13th series. Now to be honest totally honest with you, I have not seen chris in action so I really cant comment on his validity. But I do know the reputation that Most Haunte...

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William Hope's Spirit Pictures

Posted by Atticus on Monday, March 15, 2010, In : Dead famous 

The Following photographs of ’spirits’ are taken from an albumof photographs unearthed in a Lancashire second-hand and antiquarian bookshop by one of the Museum’s curators.

They were taken by a controversial medium called William Hope (1863-1933). Born in 1863 in Crewe, Hope started his working life as a carpenter. In about 1905 he became interested in spirit photography after capturing the supposed image of a ghost while photographing a friend. He went on to found the Crewe Circle ...

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