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Merlin to Uri. Gross to Underwood. Morgan to Acorah.
These people have either hindered or helped to shape the paranormal world.

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The Kreed Kafer Story

Posted by Cally on Tuesday, September 29, 2009, In : Fraud? 

Could it be true??? One of Britain’s "most accurate" mediums, Derek Acorah is a fraud!!!

Well I’m afraid that there may be some truth behind this statement. Mr Acorah came bursting onto our screens in the now infamous paranormal show Most Haunted, We all loved his way with words and his insanely funny "possessions" however at the start of series 6 it all began to unfold for Derek.

Let me start at the beginning (Yes I know that’s the best place to start) during filming at Castle Les...

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Do Psychic Detectives Really Solve More Crimes?

Posted by Atticus & Randy Gonzales on Sunday, September 20, 2009, In : Fraud? 

Ok, as some of you folks out there know, Ive spent alot of time in the security & custody line of work. Im also an avid fan of real life crime shows and the Crime & Investigation Network channel on Sky. As a result, I have made contacts with many people in various fields of Blue-Line jobs.

This is where the following article comes in to it.
Psychic Detectives and Criminal Profiling are more similar than you think and with the help of Randy Gonzales, a former police chief and criminologist, we ...

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