The Gift - Have You Got What It Takes?

Posted by RiPA Rep on Monday, February 20, 2017

Hey folks.
Last year we bought you The Ouija Trials and while that is still being put together, this year we bring you 'The Gift'.

If you’ve always wanted to appear on X-Factor but struggle with the singing part, or maybe Ninja Warrior but lack the athleticism now could be your turn to shine!

'The Gift: Have you got what it takes?' is a new internet show by us at RiPA which will be hosted by author, coach, actress, psychologist and all round good egg, Audrey Tang. Ten psychics will battle ag...
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Looking For Cast & Crew In Milton Keynes Area

Posted by Att on Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hey folks, We're gonna take a bit of time out from talking paranormal in this update but instead put out a heartfelt appeal for helpers.

For a while now us at RiPA have been striving to get good content out there within the paranormal world and as with most things in the modern world, it seems digital media is the way forward, so you would think mixing the paranormal and digital media would be a recipe for success right?...right?

Well not exactly!...... Either that or we just really suck at the...
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Mark Mcilroy - King of Paranormal

Posted by Att on Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hey folks. Let me introduce to you Mark Mcilroy. But of course, ya'll already knew who he was as he is 'The king of the paranormal' after all.
Ok ok, so maybe you are not familar with him but let me change that.
Mark is a member of Australian based team The Paranormal Project and claims to have been to over 100 different places and has had just as many call-outs.

Ok, so far so good. He's a chap with an interest in the paranormal but read on.
He claims, as many groups do, that they do what they do...

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